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This is the story of one Ukraine family escaping war to save their daughter Anna, who has CF. Kateryna, husband Andrew and 4 year old daughter Anna were awakened by the sounds of bombing at 5:00am in Lviv, Ukraine. The reality of war was at their doorstep. They were terrified. Anna has CF and they knew they couldn’t wait, they escaped that morning by getting in their car and waiting in the long line of traffic to escape. They were able to take Anna’s CF vest and medications with them (unlike some of the other 900 CF families in Ukraine who had to walk to flee). They’re now refugees in Germany. You’ll be moved to tears by her story. She’s mentally overwhelmed and worried about their future. Is Ukraine still their home, or did they leave it forever? She doesn’t know the answer. Most importantly Anna is being seen by a CF doctor in Germany. Kateryna was worried her daughter might not get the care she needed, or be able to get refills on CF medications.
Rod Spadinger is also featured on this podcast. His CF Vests for Life Foundation does great work by getting CF Vests to people around the world.

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