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Advocating for CF

Bringing awareness about CF legislation

Innovation can save lives. Keep fighting to move forward.

Say yes to innovation.

New changes to Medicare can threaten the innovation needed to develop new treatments and cures for rare diseases and will likely reduce cause delays in medicine availability. We can’t let that happen to our families.

The United States is a beacon of hope in the global healthcare landscape, originating over half of FDA approved medicines between 2011 and 2020.

Our innovative spirit has led to countless medical breakthroughs; saving and improving the quality of countless lives.

But right now, that hard-earned leadership is under threat. We need you to join with us to make sure drug programs and insurance work as they should so we can continue to have access to medicine and our families can maintain hope for new cures.

We’re safeguarding our future. Your future.

Stand Up for Innovation

    New Medicare changes won’t reduce costs for most patients because it allows insurers and PBMs to remain in control of what they pay for medicines.

    Don’t let your chance at a healthier tomorrow be dictated by these flawed policies.

    Pledge your opposition to policies that will hurt innovation and access to medicine. Your voice can make a difference, and protect our families’ future.

    Let’s keep the power of healthcare in the hands of those it impacts most — you.

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