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These are scary times for everyone, but especially for people with cystic fibrosis.  The Bonnell Foundation is doing everything it can to raise awareness in the Metro Detroit area, and across the Country with other CF organizations.
FREE PPE:  The Bonnell Foundation reached out to Oakland County Commissioner Dave Woodward and requested PPE for CF families. If you’re in need, it’s free. All we ask is that you pick it up. Schedule a pick up time by emailing us at thebonnellfoundation@gmail.com  (While Supplies Last)
Financial Assistance: As you know The Bonnell Foundation is offering financial assistance to persons with CF, as much as we possibly can, in the parameters of our budget.
College Scholarships: In the hopes that all is right with the world in the Fall, we will be awarding college scholarships. Apply for those by May 15th, 2020.
Resources in this time of crisis: We have a number of connections for you on our Resource page. One of the most helpful resources now is the email address to attorney Beth Sufian. Many of you have legal questions (unemployment, leaving work to care for your CF child, etc.). Sufian will help you for free (Beth has CF). Her email is: CFlegal@sufianpassamano.com or call: 800.622.0385. She says email is best. Nationally go to CDC.gov and locally, Michigan.gov for the latest on the pandemic.
The Bonnell Foundation is here to help you:
Please email us if you can’t find what you need, or call: thebonnellfoundation@gmail.com and 844.297.8423. I have two daughters with cystic fibrosis, I get it. One of them is sheltered in her London, England apartment. We’re in this together. #CFPower #CFStrong #CFAware

Podcast: NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on Trikafta and CF

CF dream: it came true. A drug for my daughters: Trikafta. It could help 90 percent of the CF population. On my CF path I met Dr. Collins 30 years ago, before I even had kids born with CF. Listen to my podcast with him.

Help Us Help Others

Please help us help others with day to day expenses of living with cystic fibrosis by donating to the BonnelFoundation.org. Click the play button to hear Laura Bonnell speak about the how the Bonnell Foundation helps those living with cystic fibrosis.

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The Bonnell Foundation is your Roadmap to CF.

Our mission is to help educate parents and find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, so that one day no CF parent will experience the pain and loss of losing a child to this disease. The purpose of The Bonnell Foundation is to provide tools to navigate the difficulties of living with CF. We strive to connect families with resources through their CF journey. With our website, Roadmap to CF baskets, medical and academic scholarships, we hope to equip families with a roadmap to guide their way. Learn more about our organization

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Living With Cystic Fibrosis (Pt. 2)

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