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Laura's Speaking Engagements

Patients Engaging: Empowering Your Voice

Patients are essential partners in developing measurable value in healthcare. Their voices should be heard by all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum – innovators, manufacturers, providers, payers, regulators and policymakers – from scientific discovery to care delivery and management. The key to patient empowerment is to be knowledgeable and actively engaged on matters related to healthcare access. Key opinion leaders will talk about how to ensure patient preferences in decision-making while achieving improved outcomes and better experiences.

Jessica Scott, MD, JD, President, Legacy Health Strategies
John Lewis, Executive Director, Heart Valve Voice US
Laura Bonnell, Executive Director, The Bonnell Foundation (Moderator)

Scholarships, Grants & Other Benefits for People with CF

Discover opportunities available to your child with CF. Our guest speakers will highlight local and national programs available for people with CF. We also invite parents of older children to join the meeting and share personal experiences.

How to Apply for a Bonnell Foundation Education Scholarship Webinar held on January 27, 2022

All your questions about how to apply for our education scholarships are answered in this webinar. Previous scholarship winners were on hand to help you navigate the process! We hope students with cystic fibrosis will apply for our college, trade school and community college scholarships! If you have cystic fibrosis, you qualify! This is for undergrads only. You can apply your senior year of high school.

FDA Listening Session: COVID 19 Impact on Rare Disease Communities

Laura Bonnell, Founder of the Bonnell Foundation talks about the need and scarcity of PPE in the CF community.  Bonnell was asked to speak in the National Organization for Rare Disease Disorders (NORD).  You can see her at about 25:45 in this video.
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