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WJR community interview with Vanessa Denha

It’s Your Community” | Sundays 6 to 6:30 a.m.

Each Week, WJR‘s “It’s Your Community” focuses on the names, faces, and happenings that are affecting our community. Join your host Vanessa Denha Garmo as she meets with community leaders, experts, and insiders to ask the questions that everyone is thinking. This week’s episode features Laura Bonnell.

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WJR Interview with Laura Bonnell

Thanks to Marie Osborne, Steve Courtney and Dave Riger at WJR for doing such a wonderful interview with Laura Bonnell. The group talked about Bonnell’s travels to Egypt and all things CF, including the work done by her Foundation.


Former Detroit radio voice takes cystic fibrosis fight to Egypt

By Neal Rubin, Detroit Free Press

Laura Bonnell had a translator, because the parents in the room were mostly poor, and it’s typically the wealthy in Egypt who are most comfortable with English. When the screen filled with a picture of her daughters, though — her strong, beautiful, living, 27- and 25-year-old babies — there was no need for words. The universal language was tears.

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Innovation – A Mother’s Story

Breakthrough cures for cystic fibrosis start by promoting science and innovation.


Rare but not Alone: 1 in 10 Live with a Rare Disease

By Institute for Patient Access
The 30 million Americans diagnosed with a rare disease represent a large, underserved patient population. Their complex conditions are often poorly understood, and most have no approved treatment. Nevertheless, rare disease patients and advocates are finding purpose, building powerful support systems and working toward better outcomes for the rare disease community. Here are three stories that bear testament to their challenges – and their resilience.
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