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We Love Our Volunteers

As a non-profit organization, The Bonnell Foundation is grateful for the work of volunteers, who help us toward the goal of supporting families living with CF and hopefully finding a cure.

Meet Our Volunteers

The Bonnell Foundation is thankful to all of its volunteers.
We are delighted to honor them on this page.
We are doing a slow rollout of our volunteer highlights.

Megan Bauer

Megan Bauer can turn around a spreadsheet in no time flat for us, put together a survey, makes phones calls, researched a topic for us, and put together a brochure for the Bonnell Foundation!

Megan is 23 years old and has cystic fibrosis. “I fight hard every day to stay healthy and do everything I love, and I never let CF stop me! I am passionate about the cause and finding a cure, and I’m excited and grateful to be helping the Bonnell Foundation achieve its goals.”

Want to become a volunteer?

At The Bonnell Foundation, we’re always trying to grow our efforts so that we can do more in the fight to end Cystic Fibrosis. Whether you’re interested in fundraising, advocating, public relations, social media or administrative assistance, we’re grateful for all offers of help. Every lit bit helps, because we’re all part of the same team, with a common goal. Please fill out our Volunteer Form and we’ll contact you with opportunities to help.

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