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Rena Barrow has two kids with CF, Jarrod is 22 and Jahsir is 3 years old. Over the years she’s witnessed a discrepancy in care for people of color. Even after her 22 year old son was diagnosed, doctors weren’t sure her newborn baby had CF. They told her, “Maybe it was sickle cell.” She fought until her son Jahsir was properly diagnosed. The delay in diagnosis took a toll on her little guy. When he ate he was always in pain (not prescribed enzymes until diagnosis) so now he has an aversion to food. Rena is motivated by her personal and avoidable situation to raise awareness so others don’t go through what she did.
Their experience with diagnosis of CF is sadly still too common. Between 2001 and 2005 they tried to figure out what health condition their son had. They were accused of not feeding him or caring for him properly prior to his diagnosis. Rena is speaking out for black, indigenous and people of color or BIOPIC.

To get in contact with Rena: twosaltyokes@gmail.com

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