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The Live Fearlessly Foundation? It’s the creation of Jacob Venditti. Jacob is a surfer and lover of life. He’s also a social impact entrepreneur, community builder, multimedia producer, keynote speaker, and passionate advocate for the cystic fibrosis community. He also has CF. Jacob was on the transplant list, with a lung function of 15 percent, then he was given the latest CF modulator and his lung function jumped up to 50 percent. He has no need for a transplant at this time. He is proud to say he has not been hospitalized in three years.

Jacob recently launched a new initiative to fill the need for pancreatic enzymes and multi-vitamins to people with CF in countries without the resources to acquire these basic CF needs. With the help of doctors 13 prescriptions have been written, several doctors and hospitals have reached out to him, and a 6-month supply of pancreatic enzymes have made it to the hands of 3 very sick underweight patients in Tunisa. Jacob relentlessly pursues and embodies self-transformation as a way of being and shares that with everyone he meets. He emphasizes the power of ‘showing up’ for us and others, and points to the reservoir of courage, wisdom, and humor that is self-revealing in the adversity of our everyday lives. A devotee of non-duality, Jacob blends a bold and adventurous personality with a grounded presence that honors the beauty in our divine nature and celebrates the precious gift of life.

The Bonnell Foundation website: https://thebonnellfoundation.org
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To reach Jacob: jacob@livefearlesslyfoundation.org
Instagram: @livefearlesslyfoundation

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