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Mallory Smiths book, Salt in my Soul was published posthumously by her mother, Diane Shader Smith (husband Mark) after she died from CF at the age of 25 years old. Smith died after a double lung transplant. So many people have read her book. I bought it years ago, but was never able to read it. I have a mental block, lots of CF books sitting on my shelf that I can’t read. I am living this life, I am raising not one but two girls with cystic fibrosis. I didn’t think I could handle any of these books, but I bought them, and they sat on my shelf.

Serendipity happened to me, as it always does with CF related incidents. I was on a zoom webinar, got bored, and started looking at their Ads. One popped out at me: Lost Women of Science with NY Times reporter Katie Hafner. She did a four part series about Dr. Dorothy Anderson, who discovered in 1938, that CF existed. So for whatever reason, it seemed time to start reading all these books I had — with my girls at 27 and 24 years old, it was time to delve into everything CF.

At this time Diane Shader Smith and Director, Will Battersby were debuting their film, Salt in my Soul. It was Mallory’s story on film. It featured her videos, writings, her story. I didn’t know what to expect, but after watching it I felt like Diane was my CF Mom Soulmate and I had to talk to her. That’s where our story begins.

In this podcast you’ll hear from Diane and Will. We talked about everything from Phage therapy that could have saved Mallory, to staying strong and pushing for more in the world of CF.

Will Battersby: @Battersby4Will
Diane Shader Smith: @dianeshadersmth
Film: @SaltInMySoulDoc
More on phage therapy: @YalePhage
Salt in My Soul Website: https://saltinmysouldoc.com/