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CF in the family. ​Making it your life’s purpose. Then The Crossing for cystic fibrosis, from the Bahamas to Florida was born. Travis’ parents didn’t know they had three children with CF. When Travis’s daughter Piper was always sick, CF didn’t occur to him. Then his sister LeeAnn was diagnosed with CF at age 40. ​Then another sister. And that’s when Travis decided to have Piper tested, and then himself. His story is almost unbelievable.

​You will find his journey inspiring, and once you hear about all he is doing for the CF community, you’ll love him even more. The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis​ raises funds for his Foundation. Paddlers travel the ocean from the Bahamas to Florida. His programs help so many. Pipers Angels Foundation supports the CF community through their Urgent Financial Assistance program. This program supports people who are in need of medically necessary and time sensitive financial assistance. And many other programs you can find in our show notes. Pipers Angels has a famous advisory Board member who believes in what they do: Jimmy Buffet.

It’s time to dive into the life of Travis Suit. You’re going to love this podcast.

Thanks to Beth Vanstone for producing this podcast.

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