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If you want to meet Jerry in person, I encourage you to attend our Night of Hope Gala on September 9th. You’ll be able to talk with Jerry about anything that is on your heart. You’ll be so inspired, like I am every single time I see him or talk with him. If you’re not able to attend, you’ll still thoroughly enjoy this podcast as Jerry opens up about his long CF journey! Sixty-six years and counting! Jerry takes us through the “CF Dark Ages” as he calls it, to the present. What a journey.

Jerry Cahill is with the Boomer Esiason Foundation. He is the Director of Team Boomer a CF advocate, public speaker, Founder of YOU CANNOT FAIL and pole vault coach.

To attend the Night of Hope Celebration, Diamonds in the Sky buy tickets here or donate: https://thebonnellfoundation.org/night-of-hope-celebration/

To follow Jerry: @jcahillYCF

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