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I was on a zoom conference, I was bored. it was about using my zoom account, so it wasn’t extremely engaging. I continued to listen while I wandered away from the conference and was looking on the zoom page that recommended podcasts. One caught my eye…actually the word Cystic Fibrosis jumped out at me for obvious reasons. Then I saw the Lost women of science podcast and read the description. It was about science pioneer, Dr. Dorothy Anderson. I didn’t know anything about her, how could I not know anything about her? .Thanks to Dr. Anderson, CF was diagnosed. Next, I read a description about the podcast and listened to every episode about Dr. Anderson, over and over again. Host and Executive producer Katie Hafner does a wonderful job telling the story with her voice, and the voice of others. Hafners co-executive producer, Amy Scharf is with us today to talk about all that they uncovered about Dr. Anderson’s life.

Amy is a bioethicist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Amy is also the Chair of Board of Children’s Aid, a non-profit that provides comprehensive social, educational, and health services to children in NYC’s underserved communities and an Advisory Board member of the Johns Hopkins University Berman Institute of Bioethics. We’re honored to talk with her.

Lost Women of Science Website: https://lostwomenofscience.org/
Lost Women of Science Podcast Season 1: https://lostwomenofscience.org/season-1
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