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Bean Corcoran, and Will Corcoran. Mother and son.

I met Bean Corcoran when we were doing a science and innovation campaign, and we became friends! I learned a little bit about her son Will, who has CF. Bean is very involved in the CF community. She is the President of the CFF Connecticut Chapter and the Bridge of Hope Communications Director volunteer. We did a podcast in the past about the Bridge of Hope and what they do, so feel free to go back and listen to that if you want to find out more. She is also a Patient Family Partner and Quality Improvement Leader on the Pediatric CF Care team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City since 2017.

Bean is also an artist who paints endangered animals in oils and works in pottery. Bean and her husband live with their dog Rosie.

Today we’re talking about Bean and her son Will. Will cannot take the CF modulator, and we discuss what it does to you mentally and physically.

Will is 26-years old and lives in Chicago. Will was diagnosed with CF at 3 months old, received a liver transplant at age 15, and is unable to benefit from modulators due to his mutations.

Will does four breathing treatments a day, rarely has more than two weeks without antibiotics, and battles hemoptysis. Will has been seen at five different CF centers. He is also an advocate. He works on family advisory boards, speaks with younger CFers, and currently sits on the Adult Advisory Council for the CFF. Will enjoys time outside with his dog Stanley, watching Philadelphia sports, and works as a fundraiser for an environmentally focused non-profit.

I am grateful for Bean, (which is her nickname) and to her son Will for being so honest about how CF has impacted their lives.

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