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Former Detroit News reporter, Laura Varon Brown talks to The Bonnell Foundation about losing her Detroit News photojournalist husband, Jim, too cystic fibrosis.
In this podcast Laura Varon Brown talks about his life, legacy and they daughter Molly they had together. The couple married in 1985, before the cystic fibrosis gene that causes cystic fibrosis was discovered by scientists in the genome project. Jim sadly died from the disease just 5 years later, 13 weeks after their daughter Molly was born.
Laura Veron Brown talks to Host Laura Bonnell about Jim’s last work trip to the West Bank. Jim was there to take photographs of the armed prising of Palestinians against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Laura talks about being married to someone with CF, and about all the joys it brought to her life.
Varon-Brown also talks about how she moved forward, remarried and had a second daughter, Emma.
The two Laura’s have been friends for 10 years and talk about the disease that brought them together.

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