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This is our third podcast with Alan Klein, the Chief Development Officer at Healthwell. As a reminder, Healthwell was paying about $25 million each year for CF co-pays in therapeutics. But because of the lack of funding from their corporate sponsors they stopped helping existing patients and couldn’t help new applicants with their CF bills. Healthwell closed their CF Treatment Fund to new and re-enrolling patients in 2023 with no word or idea when they would start up again. There was a lot of fear when this happened in August of 2023. The CF Vitamin and Supplement Fund did remain open, but there was also concern it may shut down. With 40 to 45 percent of the CF population being helped by Healthwell, this was scary for many. The Bonnell Foundataion was referring people to Healthwell if we couldn’t meet patients’ financial requests. It was concerning for nonprofits like mine and many others who worried we could be overwhelmed with financial requests because Healthwell no longer had funding.

The reason for this podcast is because the program has opened up, however, not everyone knows it’s back open to people with CF.

To find out more about the Healthwell Foundation: https://www.healthwellfoundation.org

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