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Emily Lyons is not yet 40 years old (she’s 37 years old) and is a multimillionaire. But her life has not been easy. Her story is incredible, she’s actually writing a book about it. She dropped out of high school at 16 years old, worked as a nanny for a bit in Australia, modeled and now, well, she’s a multimillionaire running four companies. She was recently featured in Forbes magazine for her Femme Fatale staffing and marketing business. She will tell us about all four of her companies. She talks about grief, losing her sister to CF, her Mom to cancer, and the struggles her father faced as he also has cancer.

The CF population is small compared to the U.S. at over 4-thousand compared to 40-thousand here, but we’re in this together. Thanks to my Canadian producer, Beth Vanstone, we are all learning about the wonderful people with CF in Canada.

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