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Dr. Heather Walter is a CF Mom. I first heard Heather speak at a Mom’s retreat in 2021 (via zoom). I was so impressed with her I asked her to speak on this podcast. She is the Director of the School of Communication at The University of Akron and a professor of organizational communication. Dr. Walter’s research is focused in the area of organizational communication and conflict, with a focus on health organizations and post-trauma health communication. She has published many journal articles and chapters on this topic, including several case studies designed to show the applied nature of communication research. She has a textbook in press and available in January 2022, titled “Casing Conflict Communication.” She currently serves as a faculty fellow for the Center for Conflict Management and works regularly with local community organizations and hospitals to improve communication skills and patient advocacy.

Video promoting the podcast: https://youtu.be/RoXurtSA2R8
Dr. Heather Walter Bio: https://www.uakron.edu/schlcomm2/faculty/bio-detail.dot?u=hlrosen
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