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The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (C.O.T.A), helps people waiting for transplants, fund the procedure and everything that surrounds it.

Laura Bonnell learned about COTA when her nephews needed a bone marrow transplant (not CF related).  When someone needs a transplant, they usually living in their home state and getting a transplant in another state or city.  They have to be close to their transplant hospital.  They might be there for four months. This means there is an additional rent cost, transportation costs, spouse or a parent staying with you, etc. Rick Lofgren joins us today to talk about C.O.T.A.  As you know, The Bonnell Foundation offers lung transplant grants. But even our grants don’t cover all the costs of a transplant, and health insurance certainly does not cover all the expenses.

C.O.T.A, as you’re about to hear, is a non profit, so family’s will not be taxed on the money raised (which is true of Go Fund Me fundraisers).

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