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People getting married who have CF. We don’t hear it happening very often. We’ve always been told that people with CF should not be in the same room, unless they are 6 feet apart. This is impossible to do if you have children with the disease, and of course if you marry someone with CF.

Zack and Farrel both have CF, knowing the reasons why they shouldn’t marry, did not keep them apart.

They met in 2014 in a Facebook Cystic Fibrosis group where Farrel was sharing a testimony of how changing her diet had helped improve her lung function and quality of life, despite losing a couple of pounds in the process.

Zack, being familiar with his own journey with crossfit, had experienced similar results in increased lung function even though he too had lost a few pounds while increasing his cardiovascular exercise. They didn’t believe in the ‘eat everything you can’ in high calorie mantra that was told to all CF parents at diagnosis. The couple followed each other on social media, but it wasn’t until the following May of 2015, when the daily communication began.

Zack (37 years old) and Farrel (40 years old) married in July of 2016. It wasn’t without controversy, and that is where our discussion with them begins.

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