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Canadian, Vicky Maldonado is the mother of a young boy living with a rare genetic form of CF. Sebastian is 6 years old, and a twin. The road to diagnosis was challenging. Sebastian was diagnosed with two rare CF genes after repeated respiratory infections and two hospitalizations. “We were told that Sebastian likely didn’t have CF because he’s “not white”— his parents are Canadian-born Latinos from Ecuador. Though CF affects all races and ethnicities, there’s still a common misconception among health-care providers that it is a predominantly white disease.”

Vicky and her husband were devastated to learn that their son would not have access to the life-changing and life-saving drug Trikafta because he has two rare mutations. Due to small populations in rare mutations, clinical trials are often not feasible. Other countries are using in vitro data to provide access to those with rare and ultra-rare mutations while approximately 200 Canadians with CF are being left behind.

This is not a new problem in Canada, the pathway to access to new and innovative therapies is fraught with challenges. A broader regulatory approach is needed to support implementation of the National Strategy for Drugs for Rare Diseases, and cystic fibrosis is an example of this need. There are hundreds of disease-causing mutations, some with only a handful of patients worldwide. Health Canada can improve access to rare disease medications like Trikafta by using patient and laboratory in vitro data and by developing a regulatory model that permits bulk approvals of gene mutations that can respond to precision medicines like Trikafta.

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