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Israel is at war. The emotional toll on families in Israel and Palestine is unimaginable.

43 year old Nirit Maizel is trying to live her life as best she can while her country fights against Hamas. She has cystic fibrosis, it’s harder now to get medications and live any sort of a normal life. Nirit lives in Ramat Hasharon (10 minutes from Tel Aviv) with her husband Aviad and their three children. Noya is almost 14 years old, their sons Yahav is 11 years old and Segey is 7.5 years old.

Nirit takes us on her daily journey of running to the safe room with her family when sirens blast, to her hesitation to leave her house. She gives us a very day to day look at what life is like during a war. Nirit told me that she held it together during this interview so that she could describe all that is happening around them, but she said it is very hard to hold it together, but she must. There is no time to process she says, you just keep going.

We reached out to families in Palestine/Gaza but have not heard back. It could be due to the lack of electricity and inability to charge phones and computers. We are told it is almost impossible to do CF treatments there due to the lack of basic needs. The CF population in Israel is about 650 people. We are praying for everyone.

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