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Thirty five year old Anas Mansour has 5 year old twin boys with cystic fibrosis. He lives in Cairo, Egypt. Mansour and his wife are trying to keep the boys as healthy as possible, but it is challenging. The disease isn’t officially recognized yet in Egypt, so insurance doesn’t cover medications. And, the medications they do have access to aren’t like anything we have in the United States. Even basic care, such as getting your hands on digestive enzymes for example, is difficult and costly. Mansour believes he may have to leave his country to make certain his children get the medications they need. Things are getting better there, but today the life expectancy is 12 years old, whereas it’s 47 years old in the U.S. You’ll hear his heartbreaking story.

For more information on The Bonnell Foundation and how you can help fight CF in Egypt, find us at https://thebonnellfoundation.org/
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The original music in this podcast is performed by Kevin Allan, who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis. You can find him on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/KevinAllanMusic
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