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Does your CF clinic offer a place for you to express your concerns and successes about CF? The University of Michigan Medical Center started a zoom program during the pandemic that allowed its adult patients with CF to discuss what’s on their mind. The topics cover a variety of concerns people with CF face. And thanks to the need and social worker Mari Pitcher, the program is back!

Mari is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in adjustment, grief work, trauma work and patient and family centered care for individuals, and their families, with chronic and life limiting illnesses. Currently a member of the University of Michigan Health Systems’ pulmonary clinics, Mari provides social work and mental health support to persons with CF and other pulmonary diseases. Mari has over 20 years of hospice, palliative care, trauma, adjustment and grief related experience. Additionally, she has worked as a therapist supporting individuals with PTSD, histories of abuse and/or traumatic loss. Mari is an adjunct lecturer in the University of Michigan School of Social Work Masters program. We’re thrilled to have her.

To reach Mari Pitcher: pitcherm@med.umich.edu
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Email us: thebonnellfoundation@gmail.com

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