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Imagine having children with CF and living in another country. In your country they don’t have any CF medications, and maybe only a handful of people have been diagnosed with the disease. Even testing equipment is difficult to come by. Doctors in your country don’t have a lot of knowledge about CF, and basic medications aren’t accessible. The Bonnell Foundation and others have worked tirelessly to raise awareness, and to make change in many middle eastern countries, but it’s a slow process.

This is why we’re excited to tell you about the non-profit Dr. Golnar Raissi and her husband created to help them at their CF clinic in Stanford, Connecticut. They put together the CF Bridge of Hope to extend the same treatment people are getting in the U.S. to people living in other counties with limited resources.

Doing great work with Dr. Raissi and her husband, is Bean Corcoran. Bean helps with the entire program, getting applications complete and another part of the program. They also can send unexpired meds to people in need, and the organization pays for shipping. So if you have CF meds you don’t need, email the Bridge of Hope. Beans adult son Will has CF. CF Bridge of Hope is currently helping people in Romania, Guatemala, Ukraine and Pakistan.

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