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The CF Legal Information Hotline. A brilliant idea. The woman who made it happen is 57 year old Beth Sufian, who has CF.

Attorney Beth Sufian works just about around the clock helping and answering questions from people in the CF community. On the CF Legal Hotline they get 900 calls – a day! Beth has helped The Bonnell Foundation help others. She is well known in the CF community. We talk about the CF Social Security Project. There is so much to learn if you’re considering social security.

Beth is the Director of the CF Legal Information Hotline which has been providing legal information to the CF community for 25 years. Beth is the author of 3 books and hundreds of articles related to the legal rights of people with CF and other disabilities.

To contact Beth (she says email is best): CFLegal@sufianpassamano.com
Or call her at: 800-622-0385

The Bonnell Foundation website: https://thebonnellfoundation.org
Bonnell Foundation email: thebonnellfoundation@gmail.com

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