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Attorney Jen Weber is 49 years old and waiting to have her third lung transplant. Weber lived in Indiana until this third transplant, when she had to move to Durham, North Carolina to be near her transplant hospital: Duke University Health. Weber also started a non-profit five years ago that meets inpatient and outpatient needs ( for example: pajama pants, slippers, cell phone chargers). Weber worked for the Indiana Supreme Court for 16 years (in personal and operations) while going through her first transplant. Weber is trying to help us understand the emotional and financial toll a transplant can take on a person, and their family.

As she waits for her third transplant Weber is in need of a living kidney donor. Anyone interested in getting tested can call: 919.613.777.

Something we did not talk about in the podcast is her love of music! Weber is a cellist! She still plays with the Carmel Symphony.

Duke kidney donation application: https://redcap.duke.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=9EHPAAPMFM
Donate to C.O.T.A for Jen’s transplant expenses: https://cota.org/campaigns/COTAforJenWarrior
Comfort Finders Foundation: https://comfort-finders.org

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