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I can’t stop thinking about our Night of Hope event! I am already looking forward to next year. I am already trying to figure out how to top this years Gala. It was perfect. The energy in the room was LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, GENEROSITY, GRATEFULNESS, TRUTH AND DID I SAY LOVE? OMG, it could not have been better. I think for the first time in all our events we really got our dear friends (who all know some things about CF) to see more of the whole picture of the disease. This was thanks to Melissa Yaeger who did a wonderful job speaking after losing her 21 year old daughter Claire Wineland to the disease just a year ago. She spoke so beautifully about her journey. And Artist Dylan Mortimer, who turned 40 years old Thursday, and had his second double lung transplant only 5 months ago, literally painted a picture of the toll of the disease, the ups/downs, being grateful and about the joy. Kevin (Kevf) your singing gave people chills. You’re so talented, your presence and voice are amazing. Thank you for being there and bringing your lovely parents. Mike Staff Productions, Randy the DJ….you killed it with the music. Thanks for donating your time! Kim Adams, from the start you brought the room together. Thank you for sharing your emotion and reminding everyone about why we were all there. Again, glad you cried first! xo I thought we might have only 10 people show up for a while, but I should have never doubted that so many people would show up (about 130). I visualized a happy crowd of people daily until the it arrived, and still reality out did my hopes and imagination of what it would be. If all the love in the room could have made me float I would have been up in the clouds. I honestly felt like I was floating. The energy was indescribable. It gave and continues to give me strength. Thank you to all the sponsors, donors and attendees. Thank you to Leigh and Lauretta for transforming the room to what looked like heaven to me. Beautiful. And to Lauretta for the beautiful take away gift that she created, they were a hit!!! To Lisa Bonnell who secured the volunteers. God bless you girl. Thank you to my brother Noah Teicher and his fiance Lisa Cooper! Noah was in charge of the invites as a committee member and Lisa did an amazing basket! Love you both so much. Everyone was awesome, especially my niece Megan! To Dr. Samya Nasr and Dr. Susan Millard, as far as I am concerned, and so many others…you’re the best of the CF docs in the Country. I wish you could treat adults with CF and not just the pediatric patients! We miss you. So enjoy the photos! There was some funny stuff. Joe is now on the social media grid because I am posting a bit of him as the auctioneer. Thanks to Charlie Langton for bidding on a work of art that happens to be my Mom’s. We mad fun or you not being their Charlie, but it was all in fun! To Pam and Jack Yee for making check in and check out work, and handling so much of the silent and live auction organization. We could not have done it with out you. Thanks to Tom and Carol for the assist. To Melissa Wilson, thanks for taking charge of event coordination. You were great and the audio/visual was a success! Woo hoo. David Morrison, nice a assist in the live auction. Thanks for all you did on the committee and bringing some new sponsors on board. Feras Shammami. You’re the greatest. That 55 niche Samsung was terrific! Thanks for securing the hotel for my speakers and everything else you did for us! Joe Bonnell. Amazing auctioneer. I can’t I can’t mention everyone because I will forget someone! But know that I am grateful to all of you! Next year…..here we come! hugs and love to you all. And to the people who couldn’t attend but donated. Thank you. Enjoy some before, during and after photos.