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My dear friend Kimberly Bowman, (and friend to so many in the CF community), tells her story with her son Brett Bowman in our Living with cystic fibrosis podcast out today. It will rip your heart out, inspire you and make you laugh. Kim’s been through hell and back losing her son Blake from CF when he was 14, and almost losing Brett before he had his double lung transplant.
I sobbed, uncontrollably (as Patricia Vitale Mahanti and Charlie Langton will remember that day in the WWJ newsroom when I found out Blake had died). Kim and I initially bonded over having two kids with cystic fibrosis. Sometimes they were admitted to U of M hospital at the same time. The two of us would walk to a bench (in a cool spot she showed me with lots of plants) and we would just cry and laugh, and then head back to our respective hospital room where reality awaited us.
Thanks to both Kim and Brett for sharing their story so publicly with me. Brett lost his vision after the transplant and recently got his precious Leader Dog. Brett is an inspiration. He’s in his second semester of college!
You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or here on our podcast page.