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My daughter Graysen was diagnosed “late” at 10 months old after an intense beginning of life. She was a preemie born at 34 weeks old and was in the NICU for 17 days and even with the NICU stay, she was not diagnosed with CF until after 2 inconclusive newborn screen test and many other tests. Finally, after RSV and failure to thrive, her pediatrician went back to CF and decided to get a definitive answer if CF was causing her issues. Sure enough after the sweat test and genetic testing, she was diagnosed at 10 months. Even though it was a very difficult diagnosis, it was helpful to know what we were up against and how to progress from there. Now she is a thriving 3 year old with little to no problems, who has caught up developmentally and physically with her peers. She is in preschool and loving every minute of school, friends, soccer, dance and taekwondo. I try not to limit her time or keep her in a bubble and with her daily treatments, she continues to thrive and grow.

– Hayley, NC