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Life is even better when your daughter is found not to be sick enough to be admitted!!!

Fever, after fever, after fever had us concerned.  Temps from 102 to 103.5, coughing, motrin, more motrin.   We’re certain she will be admitted. We head to the hospital today, bags packed (my bags were packed, Emily refused.  Usually if I pack my bags and she doesn’t  we don’t get admitted). Emily does her Pulmonary Function Test.  It’s up six points.  Great sign.  She gained a pound.  Great sign.  The CF doctor listens to her lungs, she hears no crackling.  Yes!  Spirits lifted.  Head up to x-ray.  Lungs looking better than January’s films, but the same as May’s.  Emily has a lot of treatment work to do.  Increase treatments to four times a day.  She has pneumonia, but the Leviquin seems to be working!  We get to go home.  It’s like we won the lottery.  I will sleep great tonight.