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Today I met with doctors and some CF parents as part of my visit to Egypt. I went with University of Michigan pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Samya Nasr and Dietician Stacey Fogerty-Brown. This is the first time I met new CF Mom Izraa Lotfy whose 7 month old son Ali (he was recently diagnosed with CF). I am sharing our raw and personal conversation. Her son’s new diagnosis took me right back to Molly’s diagnosis day, and it knocked the wind out of me, unexpectedly, and I cried and cried with her. Interpreting for us was the wonderful and amazing Dr. Eman Fouda whom I adore (she did a podcast with me a year ago, great to meet her in person). The Egyptian doctors are doing wonderful work with the resources they have. I am proud to know them, and grateful to meet these doctors (all women) in person. I was also glad to finally meet Anas Mansour in person (he did a podcast with me a year ago), his twin boys (who have CF,) and his beautiful pharmacist wife, Iam aml. We have the same fears, worries, sense of community and desire to save our children’s lives. It filled my soul to talk with them both. The video is in their own words. Parents, no matter the Country should be able to get their children the meds needed to save their lives.