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In Memoriam

Thanks to those who made donations to The Bonnell Foundation in memory of a loved one.

Geraldine Bonnell (mother-in-law to Laura Bonnell) passed away on November 15th, 2013.  Thank you to everyone who remembered her by donating to The Bonnell Foundation. She worried about her two grandchildren, Molly and Emily, every day and hoped for a cure.

Thank you:

  1. Rona Danzinger
  2. John Kimball
  3. Linda Myers and PT/OT staff at Huron Valley Hospital
  4. Chip and Chris Rankin
  5. Joe LaFata
  6. Lois Teicher
  7. Natalie Wicks
  8. Alan, Susan and Kassi Hartter
  9. Nick and Debra Teicher Wynne
  10. The Arce Family
  11. Alice Lirette
  12. Vic and Cheryl Maraldo
  13. Paul and Susan Treder
  14. Kathy and Garrett Keais
  15. Randy and Karen Bristol
  16. John and Kelly Berry
  17. Joseph and Patricia Przybylski
  18. Susan and Thomas England
  19. Stacy and Shamus O’Keefe
  20. Tom Sicklesteel
  21. The Hayosh Family
  22. Melissa Buescher
  23. Susan and Ray Scarbrough
  24. Carolyn and Steve Clawson
  25. Leo Dunne and Family
  26. Kelly and Jim McCarty


Bob Wild fought the fight and changed the world. He lives on in those that knew him or knew of him.  Bob Wild May 1st, 1970 – November 3rd, 2012.  He died after a long and courageous battle with Cystic Fibrosis, following his second double-lung transplant. He was 42 years old.  Bob married the love of his life, Margaret.  They were blessed with their two daughters in January 2003.   Bob had a long career at Ford Motor Co. as a Frame Engineer. Sadly, his body began to succumb to the genetic disease he was born with. He fought a brave and valiant fight, being gifted with a second chance at continuing life, with a double-lung transplant in March 2008, He was such a ‘fighter’, among other qualities, that UPMC Presbyterian gave him a third chance at life, in July 2012, with another set of lungs. The doctors were always amazed and impressed with his will to live. Bob and his family are eternally grateful for the most generous gifts of life that the donor families gave to Bob. Sadly, Burkholderia Cepacia ravaged his body for the three months following his second transplant, and his body finally gave in, but Bob never gave up, and neither did the doctors who tried to save him. Bob died with his wife and brother-in-law by his side.

Thanks to those who are donating in his memory:

Debra Majeski


Thanks to the following people for donating to The Bonnell Foundation in memory of Mary Aumann. Mary was the oldest girl in the Bonnell family. She died due to complications from congestive heart failure. Mary is survived by her husband Conrad Aumann and daughters Bonnie, Katie and Annie. She remains in the hearts of her 7 siblings, sister and brother in laws and 13 nieces and nephews. Her mother Geraldine Bonnell misses her every single day.

Thanks to the following:

Matt and Laura Katz
Barb Trombetta
Lois Teicher
Natalie Wicks
Josh and Julie Teicher
Craig and Michelle Wolff
Patricia Kefalas Dudek
Laura and Joe Bonnell